On October 13 our section will hold another meeting to discuss section business, followed by a presentation by Dr. Katherine Lee, with title "Hindsight is 20/2020: A career in medicinal chemistry". This will be a talk of interest to students and will include some thoughts on alternate careers for chemists and some ACS career resources at the end. In addition to an illustrious career in the pharmaceutical industry (https://www.pfizer.com/people/medical-experts/science/katherine_lee), Dr. Lee has been the chair of the NESACS, the 2018 Chair of the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry, and is currently a member of the ACS Board of Directors as the District I Director.

Please join us for these and other upcoming meetings, remotely at present and, we hope, in the not too distant future face-to-face as well.

*please note these two events will be two different zoom links

Thursday, September 10th, 2020

4:00pm: NESACS Virtual Talk by Derek Lowe

Last April the Central Massachusetts Section of the ACS (CMSACS) was forced to cancel the scheduled meeting and presentation by Dr. Derek Lowe due to the COVID-19 situation. On September 10 Dr. Lowe will be giving a Zoom talk to the Northeastern Section of the ACS (NESACS), which has graciously extended the invitation to attend to the members of our section. Dr. Lowe's presentation title is "Coronavirus Therapies: What's Probably Coming, and What Probably Isn't"; please follow this link to register. Upon registering you will receive an email with details of how to join the Zoom meeting.

5:15pm: CMSACS Virtual Section Meeting - bylaws focus

Following the presentation CMSACS will hold a separate Zoom meeting on important section business, specifically the section's new bylaws. Please try to attend as a quorum is required. A link to this meeting, which is different from the one for Dr. Lowe's presentation, was sent in a section email.

The proposed bylaws have been approved by the executive committee and vetted by national's Committee on Constitution and Bylaws (C&B).

They should be reviewed by the section members.

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