The Department posted the following requisitions using MassCareers, a web-based Employee Career System. The system allows internal and external job applicants to apply online. You can apply for positions by logging into MassCareers at

Requisition Link; Functional Title; Official Title; LOCATION;

#1 BWSC Brownfields Cert; Student Intern; Worcester;

#2 Drinking Water Program; Student Intern; Boston;

#3 Watershed Planning Prg; Student Intern; Worcester;

#4 Low Emission Vehicle Prg; Student Intern; Boston;

#5 PFAS Wastewater Residuals; Student Intern; Boston;

#6 Drinking Water Program; Student Intern; Lakeville;

#7 Water Quality Certification; Student Intern; Boston;

#8 Environmental Justice; Student Intern; Boston;

#9 Office of Diversity & Civil Rights; Student Intern; Boston;

#10 Office of Research & Standards; Student Intern; Boston;

#11 Emergency Response Risk Reduction; Student Intern; Worcester

Please note that requisitions (former Posting IDs) will remain open for 90 days; however, first consideration will be given to those applicants that apply within the first 14 days of the posting.

The MassCareers job posting is available by clicking on the Requisition Link.

Hiring Managers, please contact Michelle Waters-Ekanem at 617-292-5751 for guidance on diversity and for guidance on the hiring process please contact Ms. Ekanem and/or the Deputy HR Director.

Division and Work Unit managers please ensure that these announcements are posted in a location for staff to view.

The Department of Environmental Protection is an Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer.

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