27Apr2022 Webinar
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Wednesday, April 27, 2022 7~8pm

Speaker: Jeremy Edmunds (Executive Director of Immunology Chemistry, Abbvie)

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Attendance from Worcester County student chemistry clubs during the CMSACS Webinars held in February and April 2022 will be combined and the two schools having the largest collective attendance will each receive a $100 grant to support future chemistry club activities. Recruit your friends and organize a chemistry club event watch party!

1. The minimum number of attendees from one chemistry club/institution (from beginning to end) at each seminar must be more than three to qualify, excluding CMSACS EXCOM members.

2. The clubs/institutions with the top two highest total number of attendees during 2/23 and 4/27 evening seminars will be the two winners, and each will win $100 and be awarded to the chemistry club/institutions.

3. Attendees will need to post in the chat their chemistry clubs/institutions names to be counted.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Creating Sustainable Value - the convergence of science, market need, and YOUR professional development
February 23rd, 2022
As scientists, we are all passionate about pushing into new frontiers and creating useful, safe and sustainable innovations to address key global challenges. Despite this common objective, there is no “one size fits all” common career path to achieve it as every chemist’s journey is as unique as they want it to be…
AND YET - there are some basic and key skills - research techniques, knowing how to decide what technologies and products would help both people and the planet, and skillful navigation of career options - that allow you to move faster and build the career you want!
Interested in learning more??? Join Jenn Amador (co-founder and COO of nexTC, Inc) and ACS Oregon Section Chair and Judy Giordan (founder of ecosVC, Inc and ACS President-Elect) to learn about how you can create sustainable value through chemistry and engage in a lively discussion to get your questions answered!

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