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An Organic Chemist's Drug Discovery & Development Journey - Hybrid Seminar

Jan 31, 2023

6:00pm: cookies & coffee

6:30pm: seminar

Please join us at Clark University as the Central Massachusetts Section of the
American Chemical Society (CMSACS) hosts an informative and educational presentation by Dr. Alfredo Castro. All are welcome!
Dr. Alfredo Castro
Executive Vice President, Drug Discovery
Ikena Oncology Boston MA

“An organic chemist’s drug discovery and development journey”

Undergraduate and graduate training in chemistry can open many doors and opportunities throughout a career in the pharmaceutical industry. This talk will highlight how an organic chemist’s role in drug discovery and development evolved over the past 30 years - from contributing as a bench synthetic chemist, to leading a medicinal and process chemistry group, to being part of an executive team.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Cookies and Coffee at 6:00pm
Seminar at 6:30pm
Sackler Science Building, Room S122

Virtual attendees are welcome! Please register for access to live Zoom presentation via this link:

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