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Call for Nominations for CMSACS Board of Directors

The Nominations Committee for the 2022 CMSACS Election has been formed and are currently looking for candidates for several elected position on the CMSACS Executive Board of Directors. The Chair of the Nominations Committee, Dr. Meghna Dilip, and fellow Committee members Dr. Mathangi Krishnamurthy and Dr. Dennis Awasabisah are seeking interested candidates for the following positions:

  • Chair - (2 year term: 2023 Term as Chair to be followed by 2024 term as Immediate Past Chair)

  • Chair-Elect - (3 year term: 2022 term as Chair-Elect to ascend to 2024 Chair and then 2025 Immediate Past Chair)

  • Member-At-Large - (3 year term: 2023-2025)

Please provide nominations for any of these positions to the Chair of the Nominations Committee at by Oct 31, 2022.

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